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Sewing Machine Cabinets

The Horn range offers the very latest in design and ingenuity, which is something Horn has become well known for and is the culmination of decades of experience in sewing cabinetry and the craft furniture industry. You can rest assured that you will get only the best in manufacture and service with any model you choose to purchase. After owning a Horn whatever the model you won’t look back, you’ll feel pleasure and satisfaction every time you use it, either from the simplicity of it’s lifting operation, the comfort and ease of it’s flat bed sewing position, it’s quick and speedy set-up and shut down or maybe just while you’re polishing it. After having to slave for years on any table handy, breaking your back sewing at incorrect heights or putting up with complaints that your taking over the house – using it will be pure bliss. Isn’t it time you owned a Horn?

To discover more about our sewing machine cabinets, contact us, in Taunton, Somerset.